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Data from more than a million nonprofit tax returns show that when charities accept noncash gifts, their overall fundraising grows much faster than if they accept only gifts of cash. This is true for all types of organizations at all fundraising levels. It's absolutely essential that gift planners feel comfortable discussing charitable gifts of assets with donors and clients. CGP's Essential Assets resource library provides how-to articles, checklists, model documents and case studies to help planners build their skills over time and prepare in the moment for specific donor meetings. 

The resources in the Essential Assets collection are intended to help gift planners become more confident in their discussions with donors and advisors about noncash gifts. We strongly recommend seeking expert professional counsel when personal knowledge has been exhausted. The "Our Contributors" area links you to other CGP members who have experience with particular types of noncash gifts, and some of these people work for companies that provide consulting and other forms of advice. We provide these introductions as a service to our members. We do not specifically endorse the services of our contributors. 

Many of our Essential Assets tools are contributed by fundraisers and advisors who use them successfully. We invite all gift planners to submit resources for the Essential Assets library. And we invite users to comment on documents in the collection that they find especially useful, to help other planners locate the tools they need. Each Essential Assets collection is monitored to ensure that information posted is correct and up to date.  

Selected sources of data on noncash assets and gifts
Charitable Gifts of Noncash Assets, Bryan Clontz et. al., especially "Noncash Opportunities, Aggregate Market and Property Types," pp. xxxv-xxliii 
IRS Statistics of Income Bulletin: Individual Noncash Contributions, Tax Year 2016
Federal Reserve: Introducing the Distributional Financial Accounts of the United States
The Appraisal Foundation's Find An Appraiser directory provides links to appraisers of all types of assets that have met US and/or international minimum educational requirements.
The American Society of Appraisers also has a Find An Appraiser tool.

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Thank You Contributors

CGP is the meeting place for thought leaders in the gift planning community. We are grateful to those leaders for sharing tools that assist donors and charities in exploring noncash gifts. Some of the authors and creators of Essential Assets resources are featured on the landing pages for each asset type, and you can click on their photos to make direct contact with them through a private message in CGP Link.

Become a Contributor

If you would like to contribute to the Essential Assets collection, please contact Barbara Yeager at byeager@charitablegiftplanners.org. We are especially interested in collecting checklists, charts, diagrams and other job aids that assist gift planners in quickly identifying opportunities and collecting or communicating key information. We are also interested in model policies, gift agreements, marketing language and donor communications of all kinds. When you search the Essential Assets collection, filter results by document type to see examples of Job Aids and Models that are already in the library, and consider contributing your own tools and documents.

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If you need help navigating the Essential Assets collection, or have questions or suggestions about any of the resources, please contact Barbara Yeager at byeager@charitablegiftplanners.org.