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    Hello all, 

    The division of Alumni Affairs at our institution has recently (over the last 4 or 5 years) moved away from hosting their long-standing 50th reunion celebration and our planned giving team is weighing our options for possibly taking over the task. I am hoping someone can shed some light on how class reunions are handled, if at all, and which div...
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    The threshold age for making QCDs at section 408(d)(8) would still be 70-1/2.  However, there is language at section 107 of the bill that would make an adjustment to the $100k ceiling on the excludible amount for deductible contributions made to the IRA after age 70-1/2.

    Somehow we seem to have pirated another thread.
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    If the Secure Act passes, will donors age 70.5 still be able to make so-called Charitable IRA Rollover gifts or will the age for this also be raised to 72?

    Jeff Comfort
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    Mr.Warner: Myresponse was a response to your reference to biased Washington Postreporters, not to your premise re impact (or lack thereof) of taxchange on giving. I saw a reflection in your comment, of the dailydenigration of the free press by the president and hisadministration, and I’m worried for our country of the impact ofthis daily assault. So...
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    Thank you so much!!
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    Years ago I co-chaired Philadelphia's Planned Giving Day with Russ Bishop who owned the website and firm Harvest Advisers / He chose the "correct" spelling but could kick himself for not registering under Advisors too. 

    He is also a Chartered AdviSOR in Philanthropy, CAP.

    I think Advisor has won the usage contest.