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    Thanks for the update. This demonstrates how much we can learn from each other. I too endorse Brad Gornto's work on his i clat. He's a great guy to boot. 

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    I promised an update to this case study, but first I have a COVID tip.  This was my first in-person meeting since California's stay-at-home order three months ago, and like many I have experienced adding a few "COVID pounds".  My tip: allow extra time to get dressed, in case you have to dig deeper into your closet to find something that still fits!

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    I'm delighted to see this topic; it's something I refer to often in my training and coaching.  Here's an excerpt from my white paper on "Zen and the Art of Moves Management - a Fundraiser's Perspective on the Metaphysics of Quality."  Here's a complete copy FYI.  Zen.Moves.Whitepaper.pdf

    "When a conversation includes a discussion of why the possible do...
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    Thanks for your reply Matthew! And thank you for directing me to the thread already posted on this topic.

    I am really curious to hear from someone whose organization DOES count contingent bequests (other than spouses). Is there anybody out there? If so, what is the rational behind your policy?
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    I was wondering if anyone has successfully marketed deferred CGAs as an alternate retirement resource and wouldn't mind sharing what strategies you implemented to do that. Alternatively, has anyone seen an increase in deferred CGAs at your organization for a specific demographic, i.e., age, gender, occupation?
    Any thoughts on the topic are appreci...
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    Thank you all for your thoughtful responses -- I really appreciate the insights.
    My best,

    Kylie Johnson
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