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    Your question was focused on the specifics of the CGP Guidelines for  Reporting and Counting Charitable Gifts.  In short, yes, the CGP Guidelines advocate using the face value of the gift.  Here is the relevant passage:  "Charities should report progress toward these goals using face value data. Because these guidelines focus on reporting an...
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    I'm a bit late to the party here, on a couple of fronts... on the fun side, who do you think of when you hear "Blinded by the Light"?  Most think of Manfred Mann, but that is originally a Springsteen song.

    On the serious end, I'm in agreement with Jeff and Lydia.  Since your board and big bosses are involved, it might be helpful to have an analogy to share wit...
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    Several months ago we responded to a request from a Vice President and Settlement Officer at J.P. Morgan Trust Settlements in Dallas, regarding a trust gift.  I have not had any success connecting with that employee or anyone else in that department so we can follow up on this gift.  Might any of you have a contact in that department?

    Thank you.

    Pat Elder
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    " were this a Friday afternoon instead of a Tuesday morning,"

    Were this a Tuesday Afternoon instead of a Monday Morning, they might be owned by the Moody Blues and Fleetwood Mac (the pop incarnation, not the original "Oh Well" incarnation)

    Some would add Eric Clapton's "Cocaine" (J.J. Cale) and Bananarama's "Venus" (Shocking Blue).

    Most of us would not...
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    Hello PG friends,

    I'm a big believer in the 'drip drip drip' approach to PG marketing and like to include PG messaging everywhere possible.  My current organization has a mixed history of including PG checkboxes (e.g. "I have included a gift for XX in my estate plans" and "I would like to learn more about including a gift for XX in my estate plans.") on their a...
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    Sheila Hard:

    "In any case, many might think that Joe Cocker's cover of "Bathroom Window" belongs on the list.  "

    Well, it's a Thursday and that's pretty close. I would still argue for the Beatles, as well as Jimi's version of "Watchtower," but would agree that Bonnie Raitt's cover of John Prine's "Angel of Montgomery" qualifies.

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