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    Be glad to send you the article.  I probably had 15 people sending me emails requesting it yesterday.

    I also wrote two articles on related to donor-advised funds where the sponsoring organization is in financial trouble (or bankrupt) or fails (to any extent) to follow the donor/advisor's recommendations. I had a strange case where the  latter happened...
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    Hi Elizabeth,  We often advise gift agreements for bequests.  If the relationship with the institution is meaningful, then we find that many donors leaving a bequest to that institution will sign a gift agreement.  It is important to get the donor's most trusted advisor to the planning table to obtain his/her opinion and hopefully his/her approval.  A...
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    We have a network of approx 250 local professional advisors that I regularly send out segmented (something to accountants just before tax season, financial advisors at year end, etc.) communications. We also have an "inner circle" of advisors who we call our Professional Advisor Steering Committee. There are currently 10 members on this committe...
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    Great comments Russell, Richard and Michael. 
    Richard, I'll definitely email you for a copy of the article you wrote on this topic, which is rarely addressed but extremenly important.
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    Hi all -  We are looking to take all our processes of 'how we do it' out of our heads and on to paper (or a computer file, actually!) - our offices' process for taking in a CGA, for example.  A 'who does what and in what order' kind of thing.  We realize we pass these proceedure and policies on advisor to advisor, support staff to support staff...with all of us taki...
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    Thanks for mentioning my company in this thread. 

    We offer a lot of free resources to help small organizations (although the smallest survey we ever did was for just 700 emails and we still uncovered plenty of hidden legacy gifts along with highly qualified major gift leads).

    Here's a free webinar I did on the subject: