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    Hi Kristi, 

    Our gift acceptance policy is to sell real estate, not to use it, but knowing about D'son's huge study abroad program, this gift sounds like a big win for you.

    Pam (Gallagher - Dickinson Class of '80) Paterson
    Director of Philanthropy
    Calvert Marine Museum
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    It's unfortunate the Phila Inquirer piece (which sure looks like it was pasted whole cloth from a nice Foundation testimonial) included this misleading line: "Another reason a donor-advised fund is handy: You can donate appreciated stocks in kind (without selling first), while your charity can accept only cash or liquid donations."  What Philly NPO...
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    I may be getting a donation like this soon.  Do you have a real estate committee that review your donations?  We do have one but would like to talk to you about what you do at Dickinson.

    May we set up a call sometime soon?  Thanks

    Cynthia W. O'Donnell, JD
     Director of Gift Planning
    Foundation for Morristown Medical Center
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    Good morning.  I am interested in learning if anyone has experience with or can share resources regarding donations of real estate in Italy.  We have a potential donor who would like to donate a residence in Italy to our institution as part of his estate plan.  (The residence is in a city where we have a robust global education program, which might make due d...
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    DAFs have always had their good points and their bad. Unfortunately the big national funds have zero incentive to disburse funds much less to advise donors on local organizations that might match the donors' interests.

    I believe that the increasing popularity of DAFs only increases our organizations' need to maintain active and ongoing stewardship o...
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    Thank you for sharing this article.  I think SVCF will be a case study for quite some time, which is unfortunate.