Effective Cultivation Techniques: The Ties That Bind

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Strategic cultivation is what distinguishes a solid fundraiser from a really outstanding performer. Are these skills firmly in your wheelhouse? We all know that moves management is essential to moving a prospect from mildly interested to wildly supportive. But how do you do that? What is the secret? There are many, and in this session, we will explore the multiplicity of things you can do to engage and inspire your prospect. From creative engagement moves, to asking probing questions that get your prospect’s juices flowing, this session will help you expand your repertoire of effective donor cultivation strategies, and allow you to practice forming strategies that will work for your personal style and your nonprofit's unique characteristics.
Learning Objectives
  • Explore a variety of effective cultivation strategies.
  • Learn to ask strategic questions that move your prospect along the pipeline, and help you understand when she or he is ready to be asked for a gift.
  • Learn how to leverage the unique characteristics of your nonprofit to sculpt one-of-a-kind cultivation experiences.
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Anne Melvin
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Donor Relations, Program Administration
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Conference Paper
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Getting Oriented, Honing Skills, Expanding Expertise
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Effective Cultivation Techniques: The Ties That BindEffective Cultivation Techniques: The Ties That Bind210 KB
Syllabus 4.0; CGP2018
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