Sorry, We Really Can't Accept Your Mouse Trap! Candidly Exploring the Acceptance and Counting of Unique, Complex and Special Planned Gifts
What makes for a good planned gift to your organization? It might surprise some donors what your gift planning shop can and cannot accept, and what you actually consider to be a planned gift. It’s often a tough conversation that charities must have with a donor and his/her advisor who simply want to support the organization with a “special” gift. Current or deferred gifts of cash and marketable securities are always welcome! But, what about all of those other special, complex or unique gifts—real estate, life estates, life income arrangements, artwork, coin collections, farm equipment, contingent gifts, bargain sales, shared interests, negligible future interests and much more? What do you really need to do before you can say yes to those gifts?
In this light-hearted, fast paced exploration of what makes for good gift acceptance and counting policies, you’ll see why they are so important to charitable organizations that want to be grateful and discerning in encouraging creative philanthropy. Learn what’s needed to accept and count the right planned gifts in the right way so that your donors’ creativity can pay off for your organization.
Learning Objectives
  • Create a sound rationale for how special, complex, or unique gifts can be accepted by your charity.
  • Clarify how and why good gift acceptance policies can guide the conduct of donors, advisors and charities.
  • Identify best strategies for spotting red flags and responding to your donors' gift inquiries.
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Philip Watson
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Gift Design, Program Administration
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Honing Skills, Expanding Expertise, Enhancing Program
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Syllabus 4.01; CGP2018
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