SIGNALS -- A Deliberate Approach to Discovery and Assessment of a New Prospect

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This session will address the link between possessing a wealth of legal and technical expertise and the ability to share that expertise the only place it matters--in front of a prospective donor. The speaker will introduce a technique to intentionally engage the prospect in a gift discussion that addresses the three key elements of any successful gift negotiation: the motivation to give, the means to give, and timing relative to triggering life events, asset allocation and pertinent tax considerations. Only by working deliberately can the gift planner recommend a meaningful gift plan bringing all that valuable knowledge to bear where it counts. Anything less is merely an academic pursuit.
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Dan Shephard
National Conference on Philanthropic Planning
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Donor Relations
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Conference Paper
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Getting Oriented, Honing Skills, Expanding Expertise
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communications, Syllabus 2.0, NCPP2013
National Standards for Gift Planning Success

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