Nicole Engdahl

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National Park Foundation
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Senior Vice President, Planned and Annual Giving
1500 K Street NW
Suite 700
Washington, DC 20005
United States
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Nicole Engdahl is the Senior Vice President of Planned and Annual Giving for the National Park Foundation. Nicole started the foundation’s formalized planned giving department in 2015, leading estate giving efforts as part of the organization’s $550 million Centennial Campaign for America’s National Parks. With more than 25 years of fundraising experience, today Nicole leads three departments at the foundation: direct response, mid-level giving, and charitable gift planning. Before joining the parks, Nicole worked as the Director of Gift Planning Marketing at Special Olympics International and prior to that was a Planned Giving Officer for the National Geographic Society. Nicole is a Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® and a former member of the National Capital Gift Planning Council’s Board of Directors. She lives in Washington, D.C.
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Title of Presentation 1
Starting Your Planned Giving Program: Where to Begin?
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Are you looking to branch out into planned giving at a new organization? Have you been asked to take over an almost non-existent planned giving program at your current organization? Are you new to fundraising and just aren’t sure how a planned giving program works? Knowing where to begin can be overwhelming. Join Nicole Engdahl for an interactive presentation on how to get your program started and on the right path. We will discuss best practices and tangible steps for how to set up your program, market it and steward your donors all through real-life examples.
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PG Marketing: How to Get from the Couch to a 5K...or even a Marathon!
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We all know our marketing efforts are an important part of a healthy planned giving program. Just like a good exercise regimen, a good marketing plan takes into consideration where you are and is built to grow with you over time. Are you a beginner just starting out? Are you training to reach the next level? Nicole will coach you through how to start a new marketing program as well as when to make modifications and push yourself as your program strengthens. Learn key strategies you can apply right away to start seeing immediate results.
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The Science Behind Planned Giving "Magic": Making the Case for Support
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We all know planned gifts aren't magical creatures that appear out of nowhere. Building and running a planned giving program requires a lot of scientific data. Data requires marketing, and marketing takes money—money that isn’t easily allocated for such a long return on investment. How do we make the case for increased budget support in a way that will be understood? How do we compete for program investment? Hear how Nicole has successfully advocated for increased investment in her planned giving and provided measurable results to justify the investment. She will show you how to create meaningful measures of success you can share with leadership, how to predict results, and how to take your planned giving marketing to a new level. Leave with some concrete tools and reports to help you promote planned giving support within your own organization.
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Marketing/Cultivation, Case Studies
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Other Presentations: Planned Giving in a Crisis, Building (or Rebuilding) Your PG Program, Fire Up Your CGA Marketing. Happy to discuss other topics!
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