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Pamela Jones Davidson, J.D., is President of DAVIDSON GIFT DESIGN, Bloomington, Indiana, a consulting firm specializing in gift planning, planned giving program design and implementation, and training. She is also a Senior Vice President for THOMPSON & ASSOCIATES, Brentwood, Tennessee, offering estate planning services to nonprofits, and has earned its FCEP designation. Before forming her own company in 1999, she was a charitable gift planner and consultant for three years with Laura Hansen Dean and Associates, Indianapolis, Indiana. From 1985 through 1996, she was with Indiana University Foundation, leaving that organization as its Executive Director of Planned Giving and Associate Counsel. Ms. Davidson received her undergraduate degree from Indiana University in 1975, and graduated magna cum laude and top 10% from the Indiana University School of Law at Indianapolis in 1979. She has previously been an examiner in the Estate and Gift Tax Division of the Internal Revenue Service, and later practiced business, corporate and probate law with an Indianapolis law firm before joining the nonprofit sector in 1985. Ms. Davidson was the 1999 President of the National Committee on Planned Giving (formerly “PPP” and now the National Association of Charitable Gift Planners, “NACGP”), and served NCPG in various capacities during her six years on the Board, in 1995 as Education Chair, in 1996 as Secretary, and as President Elect in 1998. She served as NCPG’s 2000 Nominating Committee Chair and served as a past member and chair of its Ethics Committee. She is a member of NACGP’s Leadership Institute, and in 2018, was inducted into its Hall of Fame, in only its second class of inductees. Ms. Davidson has made countless presentations throughout the state of Indiana and nationally to development professionals, planned giving councils, estate and tax attorneys, accountants and financial planners, and to prospects and donors about planned giving and charitable giving techniques. She is well known for her motivational and empowering message, stated in practical and pragmatic terms, about gift planning advantages and options that can benefit individuals, families and valued charities all.
Leadership Institute, Past CGP Board, CGP Conference Speaker
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Integrating Gift Planning with Major Gifts
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Gift planning is now part of major gift fundraising in most nonprofit development shops due to the prospect pool and their asset holdings. Major gift officers have many opportunities to listen for what prospects state as their impediment to giving, reasons prospects state as to why they cannot afford to part with income. These “cues and clues” will be addressed and what MGO’s can suggest, such as outright gifts like the IRA Charitable Rollover. Also covered will be certain activities in non-profits that can lead to ongoing gift planning conversations at life stages by major gift officers.
Title of Presentation 2
Eleven Steps Your Charity Can Take This Year for Planned Giving Success
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There are steps every charity can immediately take to begin integrating planned gift ideas and appeals into its overall development program, and to introduce planned giving concepts to nearly all of its prospects. This session will cover eleven no- or low- cost steps, both practical and doable for staff, Board members and volunteers to establish and sustain proactive gift planning and to set activity-based goals in this critical aspect of fundraising. Both new and existing programs will benefit from this presentation that will include a description of simpler gift options in the materials.
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Cues and Clues: What Prospects Are Telling You and What You Need to Say
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Donors will tell you everything you need to know—if you only listen. They tell you they how low CD rates are, how they must take required minimum distributions, how certain assets like real estate are increasingly difficult to manage, that they want to sell an asset that has appreciated but oh, those taxes! This session will identify many of those impediments to giving and the family situations prospects are telling you about, and provide a script for your response then and there, in real time, suggesting the outline of a gift idea that could address that concern. Development’s role is to move the gift consideration process forward, to keep it going. That extends beyond the nonprofits need for the gift to real suggestions as to how that donor could make that gift using assets not cash. Our goal is to promote a gift conversation between many prospects and a staff person versed in talking about gift plans often funded at the right life stage, who can suggest gift options that address those perceived impediments to giving. The majority of gift plans are simple and repeatable, greatly enhanced if we respond to the many cues and clues prospects continually offer us, to suggest practical, ethical ideas. This session will enable you to respond in real time to what your prospects tell you, to move the gift consideration process in a positive and progressive direction, using professionals as needed but you the spark that ignites it.
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Gift Design, Marketing/Cultivation, Administration, Integrated Planning, To be determined with Council
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