Kent C. Weimer, Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy®

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Parkland Foundation
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Director of Trusts, Estates & Gift Planning
1341 W. Mockingbird Ln.
Suite 1100E
Dallas, TX 75247
United States
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Kent Weimer, a Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy®, is the Director of Trusts, Estates and Gift Planning at Parkland Foundation in Dallas. He works with donors and their advisors to make estate gifts, create endowments or make donations with assets other than cash. His extensive expertise in fund development comes from over 40 years of experience in community-based health care, higher education, international healthcare and social service organizations. Kent has been actively involved in the National Association of Charitable Gift Planners for over 20 years including leadership roles at the Chicago and Dallas Councils, and is past chair of the national CGP board. Kent is on the board of governors of the Dallas Estate Planning Council and has been a volunteer facilitator for local Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® study groups. Kent also is an associate with Robert Sharpe’s new firm. Encore Philanthropic Consulting.
Leadership Institute, Past CGP Board, CGP Conference Speaker
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Stories from the Trenches: Troublesome gifts and the IRS
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Sometimes gifts come with complications both legal and ethical. This session will explore real life gift planning case studies in an interactive manner that includes an open dialogue on planning strategies while exploring the dilemmas and opportunities presented, possible solutions, along with the impacts on policies, procedures and philosophy. The focus will be on outcomes that benefit the donor, family and the charitable organization. “Kent's presentation was excellent. His experience and knowledge along with his interesting and frequently entertaining delivery quickly endeared him to the audience..” Steven Covington, President New Orleans Planned Giving Council.
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Always Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth
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Not all gifts are beneficial. To protect your organization, you need to fully understand what you're getting when offered a gift that doesn't come completely strings-free. Before accepting gifts with restrictions, or gifts that require further action from the organization, make sure that you're willing—and able—to do what it takes to maximize the gift. In this session, we’ll walk through some of the warning signals to watch for when offered gifts with restrictions or non-traditional gifts. We’ll share experiences that have been ripped from the headlines and discuss how to best handle difficult conversations. Attendees will leave with a better of understanding of what red flags to watch for—and why—and will be armed with tips on how to communicate with donors when you can’t say yes. This is ideally a joint session done with Rebecca Watkins of The National Park Foundation. This presentation has been well received at the CGP National Conference and the AFP International Conference. "Really enjoyed your presentation and wonderful style to encourage engagement. That’s part of what makes you a top presenter and in demand!" Chris McGurn, SVP, Director, Planned Giving Solutions, PNC Institutional Asset Management.
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Gift Planning On a Shoestring
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Charitable gift plans are usually the ultimate gift a donor will make to your organization—researcher Russell James found they can be eleven times larger than total annual giving for the largest estates. Dr. James also shows that donors who include your charity in their estate plans typically increase their annual giving, so an organized charitable gift planning effort will likely show results even before the first bequest is realized. Can you reap those benefits on a budget? This presentation includes advice on low cost ways to keep these ultimate gift opportunities in front of your loyal supporters through consistent multi-channel messaging and talking points for all front line fund raisers. You will also discover some ways to identify those who may have an inclination to include you in their estate plans. "Kent did a wonderful job presenting at our local CGP Mini Conference. He has knowledge, great enthusiasm, and gave an engaging presentation." Meghan Caplan, Associate at Trek Advancement, LLC. This is a presentation that was done as a webinar for CPG in 2017. You can find the presentation on CGP Link in Peer Link - Enhancing Your Program's group resources,
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Current Events, Marketing/Cultivation, Ethics, Case Studies, Integrated Planning
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