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University of Pennsylvania
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Director of Gift Planning
2929 Walnut St.
Suite 300
Philadelphia, PA 19104
United States
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Lynn Malzone Ierardi, J.D. has been in the estate and gift planning field for more than 30 years. She is the author of Storytelling: The Secret Sauce of Fundraising Success published by CharityChannel Press. Lynn has served as Director of Gift Planning for the University of Pennsylvania (Penn) since 2005 and as an independent gift planning consultant (, founded in 2002). Prior to joining Penn, she held gift planning positions in health and higher education, served as Vice President with the Merrill Lynch Center for Philanthropy and practiced estate planning and real estate law. Lynn is the immediate past-Chair of the national board of the National Association of Charitable Gift Planners (CGP). She served as Treasurer in 2017, and is also a member of the CGP Leadership Institute. She has been a member of CGP since 1993. She is a past board member and past President of the New Jersey Council of Charitable Gift Planners and a current board member of the Planned Giving Council of Greater Philadelphia (PGCGP). As a dynamic and highly rated speaker, Lynn has presented at conferences and meetings throughout the country on a variety of gift planning topics. She is a graduate of Lycoming College and Fordham University School of Law, and is a Proud Penn Parent - times two!
Leadership Institute, Past CGP Board, CGP Conference Speaker
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Past CGP Board Chair
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Storytelling: The Secret Sauce of Fundraising Success
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Nonprofit organizations have amazing stories to share – stories of perseverance, fortitude, profound impact, and generosity. Stories are at the core of why nonprofit organizations exist. There is scientific research that confirms good storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to communicate, to engage stakeholders, and to influence behavior. It’s especially important for effective fundraising. But what makes a good story? With the right recipe, storytelling can be the secret sauce of your fundraising success. What ingredients engage the audience and have an impact? Some ingredients are essential. You just can’t make a good sauce (or gravy as some call it) without tomatoes. In this interactive session based on Lynn’s recently published book on Storytelling: The Secret Sauce of Fundraising Success, you’ll hear about what it takes to become a storytelling gourmet and refine your own storytelling recipes.
Title of Presentation 2
Mega-Gifts: From Dream to Reality
Presentation Description
A mega-gift is generally defined as a multi-million dollar charitable gift. Exactly HOW MANY millions is determined by each charity. Fundraisers and charities dream about receiving these mega-gifts because they are transformative. They can change a charity’s programming and strategy. What are the keys to receiving mega-gifts? In most cases, the donor has had a deep and long relationship with the charity. What role does Gift Planning play in that relationship? And what are some of the pitfalls to consider? The speakers will share their personal experiences with mega-gifts ranging from one million to more than one hundred million dollars, and provide suggestions for making the mega-gift dream a reality. (Presented with Alexandra Brovey)
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Gift Planning in a Campaign
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The University of Pennsylvania completed its Making History campaign in 2012 with gifts of more than 4.3 billion dollars, surpassing the original 3.5 billion dollar goal more than a year early. This is remarkable when you consider that the campaign launched in 2007 and continued unabated through the recession. Penn recently launched its newest campaign - The Power of Penn with a goal of 4.3 billion dollars focused on Inclusion, Innovation and Impact. In this session, we will focus on the role of gift planning in a campaign – highlighting the issues and strategies for effectively incorporating gift planning into your campaign and more broadly into your development program. As we consider the ever growing size and frequency of campaigns, the case for gift planning has never been stronger. Campaigns increasingly require greater strategic planning, fiscal integrity, and performance metrics. We'll talk about what has worked for Penn - and what might work for you.
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Gift Design, Current Events, Marketing/Cultivation, Case Studies, Integrated Planning, To be determined with Council, Other
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