Greg Sharkey

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The Nature Conservancy
Job Title
Senior Philanthropy Advisor
2191 Welsh Hills Road
Granville, OH 43023
United States
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Greg Sharkey serves as Senior Philanthropy Advisor for The Nature Conservancy. In this role, he assists donors across the country and the world consider and structure charitable gifts that fulfill their charitable goals. He also counsels donors and families on charitable giving platforms like Donors Advised Funds and Private Foundations, and on family philanthropy issues. Greg is a nationally recognized speaker/expert on charitable gift planning and served as Chair of the Board of the National Association of Charitable Gift Planners in 2015.
Leadership Institute, Past CGP Board
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Title of Presentation 1
Questions to Start Gift Planning Conversations
Presentation Description
In this interactive talk, Greg shares questions on life transitions, values, and non-cash assets that help us engage more deeply with donors as their partner. He shares brief stories about how these questions led to charitable gifts, and encourages audience members to share their stories as well.
Title of Presentation 2
The Growth of Donor Advised Funds and Implications for Fundraisers
Presentation Description
Greg discusses the growth of Donor Advised Funds and the opportunities this presents for charities to engage their donors in discussions about Donor Advised Funds, including a list of sound bites to help initiate these important conversations.
Title of Presentation 3
The ABC's of Gift Planning
Presentation Description
In this intro to Gift Planning, Greg covers the most popular forms of gift plans, highlighting the benefits to donors and to charities.
Presentation Topic Areas
Gift Design, Case Studies
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